Business Applications

Business Applications

Business applications can present a serious challenge to IT managers. There are such a large variety of options, configurations, and integration issues that it can seem almost impossible to handle it all. Employees will often find themselves adapting programs that aren’t ideal to the task, simply because they do not understand how it works. Over time, the “good enough” approach can create an unstable and unsafe backbone for most of your company’s important operations.

Assured Technologies offers expertise to help you purchase and manage the right business applications for your needs at the best prices, thanks to our outstanding partnership with most major IT vendors. We can setup your software, maintain it, and even help with training and documentation for your employees.

We are aware of the most common issues of most programs and know how to implement solutions or to make sure they never arise in the first place. Our expertise covers the most well-known business software solutions, including:

MS Dynamics CRM—the customer relations management solution provides flexibility to your sales and marketing teams and their ability to work well with customers. It is a powerful and adaptable set of tools that we can help you configure for the specific needs of your company.

MS Dynamics GP—a set of financial tools that include inventory management and Human Resources, GP is a great addition to the enterprise resource planning software offered by Microsoft. We can help make sure your GP installation is ready to handle your finances without a hitch.

Salesforce—A cloud-based CRM that uses a variety of browser and mobile apps to help with the social interaction and data analysis your sales and marketing teams need to best serve your customers.

SharePoint—A popular set of collaboration, document storage, and project management tools with robust social media options for employees to work together effectively.

QuickBooks—one of the top money management and budgeting programs in use, QuickBooks is complex and can do almost anything you need it to do. We will guarantee that you can use QuickBooks to its full potential.

Oracle—Is a complete end-to-end ERP solution, incorporating logistics, financials, human resources, IT resources, and many modules for specific business needs. Oracle is highly customizable and powerful.

NetSuite—A well-regarded cloud-based ERP service, NetSuite is exceptional with customer data and interaction analysis, order fulfillment, vertical marketing, and also has tools for CRM and project management.

This is just a small offering of the business application solutions we can help you with. Let us work with you to find the best applications for your specific needs.