Collaboration is the key to employee productivity. The right collaborative tools can put an end to inefficient responses that come from bottlenecks in expertise, looking only at old solutions, or not being able to quickly locate and use resources.

However, there are many challenges in setting up collaborative tools and applications. There are so many options and questions of individual employee integration that it can seem like too much for any manager to handle. Assured Technology will help smooth out this process.

Some benefits of collaboration are:

Productivity—An oft-cited report from IDC claims that lack of proper access, searching, multiple departments repeating work and rebuilding existing databases leads to a yearly productivity loss of at least $3,300 per employee. With investment collaborative tools, not only can these inefficiencies be reduced, but it’s cheaper to bring your departments and locations into close contact, resulting in unexpected savings.

Adaptability—Good collaboration means that employees can quickly find others to help them work on a variety of projects. They can form teams, keep in touch with managers and sales reps to make sure requirements are being met, and if they run into problems, they are able to find out who has the skills to deal with these challenges. Organizational agility can also cut down on time or resources lost to decisions made without full understanding of a situation.

Voice—We can help you the bring your employees into voice contact with customers and each other. Even employees who may be in several different locations can feel connected with their teams when they can easily communicate by voice. Assured Technology offers the best available PBX systems and the most reliable latest voice-over-internet-protocol solutions as well as video chat applications such as Skype.

Messaging—Quick and convenient text communication facilitates complex exchanges of ideas and data even when your employees are on the go. We keep your messages private, harmful or malicious data out of your system, and make sure other applications are properly integrated. We can deploy and support the most reliable applications, such as iMessage, Signal, Telegram, and Wickr.

Email—While many organizations take email for granted, it is necessary to make sure your email system is properly configured for your business. Assured Technology manages full email integration with other collaborative programs, as well as handles multiple levels of account management. We also maintain proper archives, robust security, and can help train employees how to use email for task management, tracking projects, and passing files and resources. We will set up your Microsoft Exchange, support Hosted Exchange Providers, and provide spam protection.

Assured Technology will make sure your business is flexible and ready to tackle the challenges of the modern business world.