Help Desk

Your employees never see the work that goes into setting up servers, networks, and services. What they deal with most often is technical support. The help desk is where employees turn when they face problems. Our goal is to resolve those issues quickly and efficiently, allowing your team get back to work.

Employees who have a frustrating experience with a help desk can cost you in the long run. Some common issues that lead to bad experiences:

  • Automated self-service with no easy or obvious way to contact a person
  • Long wait times to speak with a person, and being put on hold
  • Untrained or inattentive Help Desk staff

In a study conducted in 2012, employees who spent at least 6 hours a day at the computer lost anywhere from 3% to 6% of their productive time every day to dealing with computer problems. The employees stated that at least 50% of the time, they preferred to turn to colleagues, family and friends, or work on the issues themselves rather than using the Help Desk. They do this because they report that it takes less time, on average, to try to fix things themselves rather than using the Help Desk.

After you have put so much time and effort spent on putting together the best IT systems you can, the best way to maximize return on that investment is through high-quality tech support. Benefits of this investment:

  • Employees face less frustration in the workplace, and are more productive and happy with their jobs. This means they are more likely to stay at the company, reducing turnover and increasing institutional knowledge.
  • 80% of Americans believe small companies are better at customer service than big companies, and this attitude begins with the employees
  • Most employees who express frustrations with Help Desks say they receive better help from human agents, and that long hold times reduce their productivity

Assured Technologies can help you meet this goal with our Help Desk services. The Help Desk will:

  • Be a centralized point of contact for all technical issues
  • Be thoughtful and polite while interacting with your employees
  • Direct the proper tier of support for each issue
  • Assist your team in learning to fix basic concerns
  • Keep solutions and advice clear and easy to understand
  • Help with follow-up and guarantee long-term satisfaction
  • Provide information on services and costs
  • Allow in-house IT staff to better prioritize their efforts
  • Identify underlying flaws that lead to problems
  • Give IT feedback about common questions to improve user experiences
  • Reduce time spent investigating concerns or finding ways to fix them

Our Help Desk services also provide a solid foundation for more complex technical services, including higher-tier support, service desk support, on-site support, and documentation.