One issue facing many IT managers is the sheer number and variety of things to procure for your company. There are so many different options for hardware, applications, cloud services, professional needs, and maintenance providers to evaluate and acquire that even the most diligent managers can be overwhelmed.

The Aberdeen Research Group reports that businesses that have “outsourced management of specific procurement processes and/or specific categories of spending have been able to achieve material cost reductions that average between 10% and 25%. In some cases, material cost reductions topped 30%.” Assured Technologies will make the process easier and more productive for you, so that you can keep your focus on making sure your business runs smoothly. We provide:

Best Deal—We look at your IT needs and match you with the best vendors, usually at a discount. With a full understanding of the pros and cons of any product or service, we can gauge whether you’re getting the best deal possible. We will always look for ways to get you top value for your IT budget.

Best Fit for Procurement Plans—If your business or institution has an procurement plan, we will make sure your purchases fit within the plan’s parameters. We will work with your business to make sure you know what exactly you’re getting and know how it fits into the overall plan.

Avoiding Uncoordinated Purchases—Without a properly coordinated procurement service, IT departments and management staff can occasionally cross signals and make purchases at the same time, which are not always compatible. Sometimes the wrong service or product is purchased because not everyone has a full understanding of what is needed. Assured Technology can reduce this inefficiency by coordinating and managing procurement. We will track past, current, and future purchases for you, while making sure everyone’s needs are being addressed.

Maintenance Plans—We will also find the highest-quality maintenance providers in your area. Assured Technology can evaluate your maintenance plans to sure you’re getting the best services possible, and help you find better options if necessary.

Compliance – We will help make sure that you have procured the proper licenses for all of the products that your organization is utilizing. Being out of compliance can result in significant costs, fines and embarrassment for an offending firm.

With Assured Technology, your procurement will work more smoothly than you ever thought possible.