Assured Technology is a leader in the design, implementation, and support of wireless networks. We have extensive experience with high density wireless networks needed for stadiums, arenas, convention centers, airports, and similar environments. We can work with any scale of business, from small to enterprise.

Wireless networks can be tricky to set up and maintain properly. Signal interference, incorrect radio bands, unbalanced loads, bad placement of access points, and not paying proper attention to the right encryption can all lead to serious headaches down the road. Assured Technology knows how to anticipate and deal with these issues before they come up.

We offer several services, including:

Wireless Network Design—We will determine your aggregate capacity demands and anticipate your future growth. With careful analysis of your physical facilities, your devices, and the needs for your application data throughput, we will keep you from dealing with dead zones with no signal, dropped data, or long load times for your apps. With proper load balancing and access control, we will keep your workplace productive and mobile.

RF Site Surveys—Assured Technology guarantees Wi-Fi connectivity through our expert wireless surveys. We will visit your site to look for points of radio frequency (RF) interference, locate the optimum locations for access points, and most importantly, interviews your IT staff and employees to make sure we know what your wireless needs are. We are adept with manual surveys, where our technicians will go on-site to measure throughput, packet loss, and retransmission rates. We also will perform predictive surveys by modeling the RF environment to properly estimate your coverage and future needs.

Security—We are skilled with all the usual methods for good wireless security, such as the use of properly configured firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and service set identifiers (SSIDs). We also know the best security is through good encryption, and will protect you against the flaws in the most common encryption methods.

Management—No matter how large or small your business, or the size of the network you need to deploy, we can manage every aspect of your Wi-Fi environment. We will give you the right capacity on your network no matter how many customers or employees will be using it. We’ll make sure that your firmware and software management tools are up-to-date, and will be on-hand to help fix any problems that might arise.